Walking: Holding

Rosana Cade (UK)

Sat 06 Apr 2013, Sun 07 Apr 2013

Toynbee Studios (off-site)

Photo by Rosie Healey

A woman with a shaved head takes your hand in a station. A large man dressed in black follows you down an alley. An Indian woman holding a rose greets you outside a pub. A six-foot drag queen walks you past a church. A hooded youth puts his arm around you as you sit together on a bench. A white haired woman hugs you goodbye as you leave.

Walking: Holding is a personalised walk through town, in the hands of a group of strangers.

Rosana Cade is a political artist based in Glasgow. She works with a range of people to create experiential performance that challenges perceptions of different sexualities and celebrates diversity.

She received the Athena Award via New Moves International for Walking:Holding in 2011, and has shown work at Glasgay!, Arches Live, and You and Your Work 9. She is the co-founder of Buzzcut Festival.

Mentored for SPILL National Showcase by Adrian Howells.