We Will Outlive The Blood You Bleed

jamie lewis hadley (UK)

Wed 29 Oct 2014

Town Hall

Photo by Nick Gilmore

Not everybody bleeds in the same way, but every-body bleeds.

‘Flag’ by John Agard
What’s that fluttering in a breeze?
Its just a piece of cloth
that brings a nation to its knees.

What’s that unfurling from a pole?
It’s just a piece of cloth
that makes the guts of men grow bold.

What’s that rising over a tent?
It’s just a piece of cloth
that dares the coward to relent.

What’s that flying across a field?
It’s just a piece of cloth
that will outlive the blood you bleed.

How can I possess such a cloth?
Just ask for a flag my friend.
Then bind your conscience to the end.

Since completing a BA and MRes in Theatre and Performance at the University of Plymouth, jamie lewis hadley has been working predominantly as a solo live artist, showing work in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and South Africa.

His live art, body based performances and installations explore, both aesthetically and thematically: blood, deterioration, causality, endurance and pain. His current work is concerned with performing medicine and the history of medical bloodletting.

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