Katy Baird (Scotland)

Fri 31 Oct 2014, Sat 01 Nov 2014

New Wolsey Studio

Photo by Dasa Raimanova

Deciding on a career is never easy. Is it best to follow your dreams or to be practical ?

Katy’s granddad was hired out to dig the fields from the age of twelve. As a teenager he dug ditches before working in the steelworks, shovelling coal into a furnace. Katy is a team player, who is adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining composure and a sense of humour. This is a show about work. Some people work to earn money, some people work to feel fulfilled, some people don’t work at all and some people run away and join the circus.

Katy Baird is a London-based artist and activist who often finds herself in uncomfortable situations of her own making. Her solo work is intimate and autobiographical, reflecting on gender, class and sexuality. She has  performed at Live Art festivals and venues across the UK as well as squat parties, clubs and raves.

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