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datamatics ver.2.0

Ryoji Ikeda

Do What Thou Wilt

Harminder Judge


Rajni Shah

Schrei 27

Various Artists

Body House Version 1

Shabnam Shabazi (UK)

When We Meet Again

Me and the Machine


Jo Bannon

Mucus Factory

Martin O'Brien

This Rose Made of Leather

jamie lewis hadley (UK)

Hamlet: (Tissues)

Jungmin Song

All Erasable

Nic Chalmers

Redo Pakistan

Other Asias



A Sense of the World

Darren White

How 2 Become 1

Lauren Barri Holstein


Oreet Ashery

Spill Film

Various Artists

5 O’Clock with Uma

Various Artists

We See Fireworks

Helen Cole

Spill Tarot Exhibition

Various Artists

Spill Salon 1

Various Artists

Spill Salon 2

Various Artists

Spill Lates

Various Artists

On and Off Stage

Various Artists