Spill Writing

Spill Geist: Dress Your Rage


We say, this is a conversation about histories, identities and frames of recognition.


We say, this is really a conversation about difference, self-representation and cultural orientations.


We say, this is really a conversation about consensus reality, about cultural encounters, about the craft of day to day as much as the brevity of ceremony.


We speak of the dangers of appropriation.


We say, the scaffolds of histories and the importance of drawing links across.


We think of subcultures, orientations and modes of inclusion and exclusion.


We speak of do it yourself, branding and the contemporary politics of fabric and dress.


We think of crafting, of the right to response.


We think of ways of moving power around, about class and choice.


We think, this is a conversation about sameness and difference.


We think, this is a conversation about the privilege of choice and recognising when it disappears, and under what conditions we fight back.


We think, this is about recognising the politics of aesthetics, and refuting the idea that image is always just image.


We propose, this is about the body, and the logic of commodities and identities beyond ideological and economic frameworks.


I think of contemporary cultures of identification (punks to hipsters), uniforms (how do you reconcile uniformity and sameness), dress as delineations (stop and search was mentioned), and cultures of protest.


I think, [anticipating Hallows’ Eve], we ought to think more about dress, about misappropriations and making some noise.


I think, a folklore of references to be gathered here, generational divides to break.


– Diana