Spill Writing

Spill Geist: Golem Rising

by Jonathan Boddam-Whetham


[Chant (Cleanse)]

A space – a shed – of animal husbandry – Man dominate over animal, over Nature  

A pile of mud – as if brought in from the fields

A pile of wool – as if freshly shorn sheep, now disappeared, once inhabited the space



Gematric numbers?


7  +  7


1  +  4



Kabbalistic 5 Pointed Star – Adam Kadmon – Perfect Being


Man made of clay in God’s image


Man re-creates in his own image – a simulacrum of the Divine.


A Modern Golem.


Hackney the new Prague – a centre of alchemy?


Humanity abandoned?  Seeking to rise from the mud.


A spectacle – alone I struggle with the responsibility of Being and being – others watch – objectified through my own ego, my own I.


If Being is Becoming – then can I re-make myself – am I my own initiator through which I am transformed?


Can earth be ephemeral – but a contingent clothing, until it slips off like the tears of frustration falling down my cheeks.  The earth refuses my touch, my command.  Like the conflict of Genesis 1 and 2, do I dominate the Earth or care for it.  Do I caress it, or shape it with my will?


It is as if Adam, after eating the apple, is embarrassed by his nudity – the act of self-awareness after eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life – knowledge.


He tries to make himself – desperate to change – but never perfected – never the Divine embodied.  Or perhaps trying to embody humanity without the Divine, after the madman has made his proclamation ‘God is dead’?  Is he just a modern golem – created by man with life written upon its forehead, the name of the dead God, as if it is a eulogy inscribed on a tomb?


I cleanse myself, I cleanse myself, I try, I try, I try.  The devil of mud and wool, a reflection in the earth.


Before us is evoked Pan, but where cloven hoofs should be, ape like feet are.  Satyr stands – half man – legs clothed in wool – the divine and the beast.  A satanic bricolage… Perhaps, or not.  The Dionysian rupturing through the Apollonian; Nietzsche knew.


All slips away.




6  +  10


1  +  6


The Seven Headed Dragon – the Beast of Revelations

5  +  7


1  +  2


Father Son Spirit

Pan Rising